Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In real life..the dumping ground

I finally had two minutes today to sit down and catch up on some blog reading (and while I'm coming clean here, I'm copping to reading Celebrity Baby Blog) when I got to this Toby Show post. And while I think my living room floor could still give her elevendymillion pieces of wooden train track a run for it's money, I decided to take a picture of my computer desk instead.

The desk is about 20 feet from the front door, which means that it's usually the first place I see to set down anything when I come home. Which would probably be fine, except that it's also the place that everyone else sees when they walk in the door. I not-so-affectionately call it the dumping ground. And about once a week, it ends up looking like this.

Two ipods, countless cords, two different lotions, a pair of Ellie's socks, a mostly used tube of Balmex, my planner, my new cell phone box, and about a thousand other little pieces of junk.

And if you look in the keyboard space underneath the desk you'll see a copy of The Joy of Sex. Curt inexplicably decided to read it on the couch the other night after the kids were in bed, and I had to hide it in a fast hurry when someone stopped by. And then, being me, I totally forgot it was there until I took the pic. (I put it back in it's proper child-free place, I promise)

And because Evan can't bear to see the flash of the camera without wanting to be photographed, here he is on the sofa, pant-less, next to a basket of unfolded laundry that I'll probably ignore until my OCD husband folds it (just being honest here). On the table is Ellie's nebulizer, with the tubing and mask laying on Lucas' homework, which I now see, he forgot to turn in today.

I'd show you my bedroom closet, but think maybe I'll save that for Halloween.