Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Concreted in Bumfark

One of the many things that this house needed when we bought it last year was a new walkway. We briefly debated doing a brick walk, but the sheer amount of precision and patience required quickly ruled that out and we decided to go with plain concrete. For two days Curt formed the mold for the walk, then filled it in with gravel. This morning the truck showed up to pour it, and his grandpa came up to help. It was actually really cool to watch, the two littles stood at the door for almost an hour and taking in the action, totally silent and engrossed. I think maybe we should pour concrete every morning, I'd almost forgotten what hot coffee tasted like.

I'm resisting the urge to go and carve my name in it. But just barely.


C. Beth said...

Seriously, I think you guys should carve names in it!

Ana LOVES concrete mixers. They are finishing the last few homes in our neighborhood, and just this morning on our walk she got to watch a concrete mixer pouring concrete. She was happy as a clam.


SciFi Mama said...

GO CARVE YOUR NAME QUICK! Have the kiddos put their hand prints in it. Sign the other kids names. Have fun with it. I like the back of Ellie's shirt with the guitar on it. What's on the front?

Special K said...

I got to put my handprint on a pad of concrete in the backyard in my childhood home. I visited a neighbor once and snuck back there to find the handprint- it was still there! LOVE that! Cute pix too!

mendyc said...

We signed all of our names and the year in our back patio while the cement was still wet. I love to see it when I walk out there.