Thursday, November 20, 2008

Age appropriate

Last night to save time, Curt hopped in the shower with Evan. They were scrubbing off when I hear Curt start to chip away at the wall Evan's put up about potty training.

"See, Evan has a pee-pee, and Daddy has a pee-pee. Only Daddy goes big boy potty with his."

Evan's tiny voice echos out of the shower. "I don't want to. Yours has stuff on it."

Curt laughs, "Yes, Daddy's has stuff on it, but you're too little for that."

They finish showering and Evan runs into the bedroom where I'm sitting with Ellie, grabs himself and proclaims "I'm too little to get some with my peep!"


*Monica said...

I have no words for this, but I can't stop laughing.

Tiffany said...

Thats soo stinkin funny!!! Nice try dad!

nopinkhere said...

giggle, snort

Anonymous said...

OMG Caroline. Too funny.

Kristen said...

OMG Caroline. The 12 year old boy in me rolling on the floor right now!!

Marla said...

Oh I think I just died from laughter!!