Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brett-aclin Hump Day!

I know it's a day tardy, we've all been in recovery mode as the first plague of the new year hit the house.

Monday Lucas and Emma started to complain of sore throats, Brett looked a little off too. I groaned, bundled everyone up to head to the doctor for the giant Q Tip. The doctor walks back with the results.

"All positive" she said looking grave. "No school for 24 hours, but they should begin feeling better pretty soon after the first dose".

"Oh." I said, looking grave.

"Even me?" Brett apparently thought he was immune. "Thanks a lot you two!"

He turns to the doctor and looks disgusted. "Freaking germy kids."

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Tara (ThreeDaisies) said...

We have a house full of strep throat too. All three girls and myself. Hope they feel better soon!

(BTW, I love reading your blog - keep it up!)