Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to rehab

We had a wickedly good and horrifically sugar filled Easter.

I uploaded the pics last night and realized that I got only one of Michael. Snapped when we first got up, the I'm-too-cool-for-this-basket-crap attitude comes through loud and clear, no? Fear not, as soon as we got to the farm and he was surrounded by the cousins we reverted back to our fun kid-like self and he was a blur the rest of the day.

At our house, Easter baskets always include a book. This year I, errrr the fuzzy bunny had no trouble picking out a book for Brett. He read the title and proudly pronounced "I'm dangerous now and you will allllll fear me!"

After we finally got moving and Elle took a nap (maybe she's saving them all for holidays, because her last one? St. Patrick's Day) we headed down to the farm for the family lunch. I got a ton of great pictures of Ellie, probably because she's the only one that didn't run around all day like a demented crack fiend, but this one is my favorite. I figured nothing says Easter better than tarting your infant baby girl up, and I tarted mine up good. She's silently pleading for me to take the bow off. And to give her a bite of the jelly bean I had in my hand.

I literally had to stop these two in their tracks to get a shot that wasn't a blur. Stay tuned next week as Emma gets pneumonia from running around in 35 degree temps with her jacket half off all day.

And little Evan. In his wildest dreams he couldn't have conjured up a day like this one. Daddy was home, there were presents, that Peep/crack stuff, and an afternoon spent running around outside looking for those egg things.

After we had stuffed ourselves to bursting at one family dinner (cheesecake!) we headed down to the other grandparents. This was a much smaller crowd, and Grandma S always lays out the good stuff at the table when we visit. This was also the first time that Elle was big enough to sit in a high chair at the table. Evan has permanently claimed the other one, so Elle sat in this beautiful antique. Grandpa tells me that it belonged to Ellie's great- great- great- grandmother. She had a blast in it, holding court, beating a silver spoon on the tray. Poor baby, once again today she'll be but a commoner here at home.

And, thanks to the record number of snow days we've had this year, the kids spring break was greatly abbreviated and they're back at school this morning. I happily bundled them up this morning and sent them off where they can come down off of their candy high as was intended, surrounded by hundreds of other addicts.

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minnemom said...

Great pictures--sounds like a fun day! I love the high-chair story.