Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brettism Hump Day! Tastes great with Alpo!

Monday afternoon Curt's mom stops by just as I'm pulling the corned beef brisket complete with stinky cabbage out of the crock pot. She mentions that she's never really had it and wants to know if I'm very Irish. I explain that the corned beef dinner was about as Irish as I am.

"I know my grandmother and my father did the genealogy research and I'm what boils down to a big European mutt. About half Irish, and the other half English mixed with a tad of French and some Dutch. The older four kids are even more of a mutt because their dad's dad was German, so from what I understand, they're a quarter German."

Later Brett's trying to explain everything he overheard to Michael.

"Yeah, and we're part Irish too. And I've got a little German dog in me, right mom?"

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Angela said...

Caroline- I had to laugh at this one. For me it came complete with a mental picture of a weiner dog. A dachshund was the first German dog to come to mind.