Monday, March 3, 2008

Plastic makes baby seals cry

I popped on over to The Toby Show to do a little cut and paste job for my recipe book. Green goddess Jonah Lisa has a very cool ticker on there that reads "Plastic Bags Consumed this Year" and the number scrolls away.

Brett walks up and wonders aloud how they know how many bags to list on the ticker. I mean, does someone count them? Is there a job listing in the paper for a plastic bag counter? Is the ticker just for the United States, or worldwide?

I explained that it was an estimate, probably based on the number of bags manufactured last year. He was skeptical and the debate raged on for another 20 minutes.

Sometimes having a Brett means having Tylenol.


Jonah Lisa said...

OMG. Too funny. I agree, probably based on sales of plastic bags from suppliers or something. And I'm pretty sure that ticker is for US only. Tell him they've got a plas-tax in somecompanies now where they charge you extra if you use a plastic bag! That ought to open a can of worms!

And thanks for calling my a green goddess. I blushed even though I'm really only a light green goddess. I mean, I don't even CD for Pete's sake!

ChriSpenceRachel said...

Great minds think alike! I was thinking the same things that Brett was.

That's a lot of bags though!!!