Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Stash. And a sibling love story.

I wanted to share my collection of cloth diapers. I started using them when Ellie was a few months old and have never looked back. There are few joys greater than sniffing clean fluff out of the dryer, or getting new fluffy mail.

I dare you to hold one, feel it's cottony goodness, and not sniff it. I double dog-dare-you.

Yesterday we got a few new diapers and I was anxious to get a pic of Evan in one of them. I suited him up and asked him to stand next to Elle.

Since Elle came home from the hospital Evan really only acknowledges her presence when she has something he might want, and even then it's with a mild distain.

'Fine, I'll stand here next to her, but I'm not talking to her or looking at her.'
'She's looking at me isn't she? I can feel her looking at me.'

'Why is she touching that? All this stuff? It's mine. This right here? Mine.'

'Ohhhh, Wonder Pets. I'm ignoring you now.'

'See this? This is mine.'

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