Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean slate

Today was the first day of school here and like any good blackmail-loving mom, I took pics. This year was a bit of a change up here as Brett joined Mike on the bus to the Jr/Sr high school and Emma started full days in first grade. *sobs*

I snuck up on them in pairs as they were leaving and asked them for a nice picture, even suggesting that Lucas might want to hug his sister.

I love setting them up.

If you look closely you'll see Brett straining to give Michael rabbit ears. This was the first thing he did when I asked them to stand together. Michael still has no idea.

Brett loves setting Michael up.

Despite a bus mix up with the younger two on the trip home, they all had great days. When Brett walked in after school, I anxiously asked him how middle school was.

"S'okay, I mean, it's school. I guess the bright side is that right now, I have straight A's."


Lyndsay said...

LOL, savor those straight A's while you've got 'em!

Carol Beth said...

I love the pic of Emma and Lucas hugging; it totally looks like two junior high kids at their first dance!

And of course, Brett...hilarious.