Sunday, November 11, 2007

I haven't even had my coffee yet

Emma climbs in bed with me early Saturday morning. Since she has to be quiet in her room to not wake up Ellie, she feels free to chatter in my room. And chatter she does......

"Mom. MOM! Open your eyes! Why did you buy a new phone?"

"The old one died Em"

"It did? Where did you put it?"

"Phone purgatory Em, now hush, you're waking Elle up"

She is
undeterred. "Yeah I hear her. I think she's hungry again. Hey mom, why do you feed her (makes circular motions around her chest) on your, you know things?"

"Because they're free and it's good for her"

three?" she says and lifts her shirt looking, presumably for the third nipple that has eluded her for 5 years.

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