Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brettism Hump Day! The innocence of youth.

To say that Brett dislikes seeing me breastfeed Elle is rather like saying that I'm slighly fertile. He hates it. And although I'm discreet even when we're at home, he still moans and groans every time I sit down to nurse.

I find this kind of amusing, as the only other baby I ever had real success with nursing was Brett. Yesterday, as he's standing there telling me about his day, his hand held up to block any boobage that might burn his retinas, I tell him this.

"Brett, why does it bother you so much? You loved it when you were a wee baby too."

"It's just gross, I mean she sucks on you."

"Yeah, well it's actually quite normal, and really good for her."

"Man, all of the good-for-you-stuff is just nasty! I'd rather eat a whole plate of spinach than to ever have to touch a boob."

Think I can I get that in writing?


Kerri said...

I always enjoy the Brettism Hump Day but this one was the best. I laughed so hard my 4 year old stopped watching High School Musical long enough to see what was so funny. It must always be interesting with Brett around!!

Anonymous said...

In total agreement with Kerri. I was excited to come to your page today b/c I knew it was Brettism Day! This is the best one yet.