Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday FYI

Did you know that a plate of dry Strawberry Chex makes a great toddler snack?

Did you know that it makes an even better monster truck track?

That it makes the perfect background noise to the motor sounds that come out of Evan's mouth 23 hours a day?

And, were you aware that when this becomes boring, flinging the broken, crummy plate of Strawberry Chex will just bring a whole other dimension of fun to your two-year-olds day?

Learning new things is so much fun. Really, without it my day would be so


Anonymous said...

Willow threw a bowl of goldfish yesterday when i gave them to her. She then looked at me and told me she dropped them. Got to love this age.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Gunner and his older brother are total Hotwheels and monster truck addicts! We're even taking the boys to their first monster truck show in April. Never realized that food could double as a track but heh, if it's cheap we just might try it!