Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yes sir, that's my baby

We are a house divided. In the kitchen, that is.

I have yet to meet an ethnic food I didn't like. I love trying new things, cultural food fascinates me especially. I grew up in the DC suburbs where there was no shortage of interesting and diverse food to be found. And I love them all.

If Curt had his way, there would be two food groups. Carbohydrates and red meat.

That makes the things I want to eat, like hummus, guacamole, and Pho make Curt turn his nose up and beg for meatloaf. And, although the older four kids have remarkably adventurous palates, I started loosing some ground when Evan came along.

See, Evan is Curt's clone. To the point that he sits like him, walks like him, grumps like him, and sadly, eats like him. As a wee little baby I spent countless hours trying to get him to eat his veggies to no avail. Baby cereal alone was acceptable. Baby cereal with peas was not. And he's still the same way. Carbs and meat. Cheese, if he's really desperate. Just don't try and sneak any brie in on this kid.

I started to get really frustrated. A picky kid is like a cancer, it spreads. Pretty soon even Lucas was shoving bits off to the side of his plate, complaining.

So this baby? I had huge hopes for her little gastrointestinal habits. I was determined that she would eat.

When we started her on cereal, she happily ate her carrot "smush". Then bananas. And, I knew she was really and truly my clone when she put away some avocado with gusto.

It feels like a new day is dawning at our house. The tide is turning, and baba ghanoush is back on the menu.

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Robert & Cerece said...

OMG! SHe is sooo cute.. Plus I think she looks just like you!