Sunday, May 11, 2008

To be filed under Ammunition and Guilt Trips

Mother's Day 2008...

  • Woke up when I heard Elle start to stir. Curt kissed me and told me Happy Mother's Day, and then hopped out of bed to get her. I'd asked him to just bring her to me to feed and then whisk her away so that I could lounge JLo-mommy-style in bed. (Actually, a whole day of this would have been perfection. And I was all set up to do just that, when his mother looked at me earlier this week, and said that all she really wanted for Mother's Day was for all three of her babies to have lunch with her at the farm with the family. Oh, and then could we please go down to Grandma S's for dinner? Apparently, she has her own Guilt Trip file, dammit.)
  • Curt took Ellie out to the living room and then I laid there for 15 minutes, unable to sleep, listening to her coo, flirt, and play while my boobs hardened into small boulders. Damn hormones.
  • Nuked my own Schwan's Caramel Pecan roll (ghetto fabulous, thankyouverymuch) and sat down at the table of screaming, writhing kids and slurped my tea in peace, while Curt handled getting breakfast for Evan by himself. Which, is something rather akin to negotiating with a schizophrenic terrorist who is holding your sanity hostage.
  • Scooted out the door early to run to Wal Mart to procure some baby food, face wash, and a Mother's Day card for Curt. Who forgot. All week when I reminded him and yesterday when he walked by the Hallmark store in the mall three times.
  • Got to the farm and wished his mom a happy Mother's Day, and then watched as she got all teary at the card her son picked out.
  • Shot Curt the you-soooo-owe-me look.
  • Ate copious amounts of calorie laden food including a chocolate cake layered with fudge icing and real whipped cream.
  • Unbuttoned pants.
  • Enjoyed, okay tolerated, the melee and din of all of his family in one tiny farm house.
  • Got set to leave for Grandma S's, when she called with the news that his grandfather decided that he couldn't breathe, and that it was time for his bi-monthly trip to the ER.
  • Get follow up call from Grandma who says that Grandpa is fine, and flirting with every one in the room as they wait to get seen.
  • Suddenly realized that we no longer had dinner plans. Looked at Curt who gave me the panicked, I-only-know-how-to-make-Ramen-noodles face. This spurs a conversation that somehow ends with everyone coming to our house for impromptu tacos.
  • Cook dinner for Curt's family. On Mother's Day.
  • Family finally departs in time for Curt to tune into the Pens play in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He gives me a hug and tells me Happy Mother's Day, then puckers up for a kiss. I lean into him just in time for him to dodge, lean around me, and yell "SCOOOORE!" in my ear.
  • Nuked myself another caramel pecan roll.

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C. Beth said...

"Which, is something rather akin to negotiating with a schizophrenic terrorist who is holding your sanity hostage."

Oh, my, that is SO funny. I am filing that away to use in describing Ana. Don't worry, I'll give you credit.