Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mommy police called

And, I have exceeded the allowable amount of this week's yelling, screaming, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. (Maybe I'll roll my terrible eyes for good measure?)

Since Monday I have...

  • Spent hours in the freezing garage taping and painting the new front door. Freezing. Only to have Curt come out and help rip the tape off, and pull a large piece of dried paint with it. The words "Hey, when you fix this, you should really use a small brush next time." escaped from his lips before I blacked out from the pain of having to bite my own tongue.
  • Had more drywall "mud" tracked upstairs than I care to elaborate on. It looks like Jackson Pollock had a wet dream on the concrete floor downstairs. These guys do beautiful, reasonably priced work on the walls, apparently not trashing my floors cost extra.
  • Scrambled after a newly mobile Ellie all week. Damn if she didn't figure it out in a quick fast hurry too. One day stationary, the next I'm peeling her off the ceiling.
  • Sucked a computer cord up into my vacuum. Smoke and fiery smells followed. Crap. Had to spend money on replacement vacuum. Double Crap.
  • Gotten Elle to nap in her room, Evan sated with The Wonder Pet's and then slunk off down the hall to get dressed (at 10am, no less. Nothing like having several hours to appreciate the fuzz on your own teeth every morning), only to have Evan come screaming, ambulance-style down the hallway because those bastards at Nick Jr. had the audacity to not show the puppy episode. And the puppy episode is the one WE MUST WATCH RIGHT NOW. Elle wakes to join the protest. Repeat Monday-Friday.
  • Spent three hours planning the meals for the next two weeks, writing down needed ingredients, and clipping coupons. Have no idea when I'll be able to procure said groceries, as my car is still in the bloody garage. As in, from when I hit the deer A MONTH AGO.
  • Yelled at the drywall guy when I heard a drill go off in the basement. I called down and asked in my very mean, mommy voice "Who is doing that?!" and then got a very Michael-sounding reply of "I am." I then countered with a very loud, evil sounding "WELL, STOP IT." Five minutes later I notice Drywall Dude's truck parked outside and go downstairs to apologize. Oh, and introduce myself. This perhaps explains the floors, nay?
  • Turned around to find Emma holding Elle very much like a rag doll and shaking her up and down as if she were a pillow that refused to go into it's case. She's still in the corner for this one.
  • Spent an hour mopping all of the floors, only to have sugar, crumbs, Bisquick, and drywall mud tracked on them within 24 hours.
  • Had to take Elle to the bathroom with me all this week, as Evan is much like the ocean and turning your back on him in the same room with Ellie is inadvisable at best. The last of my dignity stopped returning my phone calls.
  • And (my favorite) had Curt ask me every night this week, upon returning from work, "Why are you so grumpy?"


Anonymous said...

We just got done drywalling a couple weeks ago. The drywall dust gets everywhere. I am still trying to get rid of it.

Special K said... just pushes my limit beyond sanity. I cannot cannot stand to see all that construction dust on everything I own and if we ever really remodel...the kids can stay at home and I'll be at a nearby hotel for the remodel! Sorry abotu all your floors!

Bri said...

I LOVE that you yelled at Drywall Dude!!