Thursday, June 5, 2008

Only because I like Tracey's barrette

And apparently her haircut.

Took this for Sweetney's 'Come as you are' submission, because if they start cloning humans we all need a Tracey in the neighborhood.

Still drinking my tea in Curt's wife-beater and my nursing bra, this is how I spent the start of most of my days. Surfing the interwebben and trying not to spill cereal on the keyboard.


Anonymous said...

I had to totally laugh because I am in the exact same pose! One hand under my chin one on the mouse surfing away. I love your hair.

Tia said...

Hello! I am an April 06 mommy and found your blog on babycenter. I love it and just wanted to let you know I am reading. Brett sounds like a really cool kid!

C. Beth said...

Okay, I'm in! I posted a comment on Sweeney's site too. Here's my link: I agree with Dani, cute hair!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the haircut compliments and welcome Tia! Let's just hope Tracey never does a truthiness series on what the inside of our closets look like. Oye.