Thursday, June 19, 2008

Score one for management

Report cards came in the mail this week. Brett pried his open, glanced down long enough to make sure that he wasn't going to spend the summer on parole and then asked to play the Wii.

Lucas barely gave his a passing glance, his general attitude that any envelope that doesn't contain money is a waste of paper.

Emma showed hers off to the house requesting that everyone "Look at all of those sweet S's I got.".

Michael was probably the most antsy to see his. All year it's been a battle to get him to pull his head out of his ass long enough to remember that he was actually sent to school every day to learn things and not to notice when Lana changes colors of nail polish. Countless discussions about averages, passing, and the fact THAT HE'S NOT LIVING HERE WHEN HE'S 34 raged all year.

He found his on the desk, read over it, and then turned to me.

"Hey remember last month when you said if I passed all of my classes for the year that you would buy me an Appetite for Destruction CD?"

"Yeah, and?"

"Well, I brought up all of my grades in the last semester up enough, and I passed."

"Not health, you failed health Mike. You failed the class that every kid sleeps through and aces in school."

"But wait, when you made me the promise, I'd already failed health for the year; I had it at the beginning of the year."

"Yeah, and?"


C. Beth said...

LOL; I'm just laughing that health is the class he failed. As if taking health once isn't bad enough; he has to re-take it? Lesson learned, I hope!

Kristi said...

Can't blame a guy for trying!

And, thanks for reminding me to go hunting for my old Guns N' Roses cd's!! I used to lurve em'!!

Or, is he talking about the N.W.A. song? :)

Caroline said...

N.W.A, I'd forgotten all about them. Gah, the things we block out from our youth. ;0) I'm hoping he learned his lesson, I explained that he was probably feeling a lot like I had been all year, what with the numerous promises of reform.

Silly teenagers, tricks are for mommies.