Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last week Emma asked me for an apple, took one nibble and then announced to anyone in listening range that she had a loose tooth. After that, if she were able, I'm fairly certain that she would have alerted CNN on a regular basis. Clearly the public at large needs to be apprised of her dental status.

Day 1: Discovers loose tooth, decides she cannot risk eating the apple as it may rip her tooth out, causing massive trauma and blood. And really, how do you band-aid that? Lucas obliges and finishes apple. Well, except for that one part where Emma's tooth marks were.

Day 2: Comes up to me whimpering because she is scared of loosing the tooth. Will it hurt? Will it be gross and rip out some of the pink stuff under the tooth? Can I have a marshmallow, because those are pretty soft and won't hurt "toothy"?

Day 3: Announces that she had a dream and "toothy" fell out. Toothy gets lost in the bed and then is stolen by Lucas so that he may pass it off as his own and get her dollar. Have to stop her from trying to pummel Lucas for imagined, dreamt theft.

Day 4: Spends the entire day fingering the tooth, decidedly impatient that tooth is no looser than it was after the first bite of apple. Accidentally bites finger.

Day 5: Declares that she thinks toothy is no longer loose and that she's really glad that she's not loosing a tooth because obviously this might cause her to look silly until the big tooth comes in, and Lucas has two different sized teeth right now and that looks really silly. And besides, Janey hasn't lost any teeth yet, clearly we cannot go this alone. Isn't mommy relieved that toothy isn't loose too?



C. Beth said...

Oh, the ANGST!! Please tell Emma I will be on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the minute toothie becomes loose again. :)

Special K said...

What a cutie! But seriously, could she look anything more like your mini-mee? The two recent pics of you and Emma are insanely alike! Love it! I didn't lose a tooth til I was 8 and was so disappointed when no one at school cared!