Monday, July 14, 2008

All the better to give you noogies

In the summer months we often buzz the boys' hair. It's cooler, cleaner, and also saves us some duckets each month. And before Lucas started singing "If you want my body..." I knew we needed to get cutting. So yesterday Curt took the older three out onto the deck in turn and clipped them.

Only this time, Evan begged to be included. We usually take Evan to the barber just because the boy has more cow licks than an average dairy farm. But he was pretty insistent and we figured, it's just hair, right?

Curt and I kept staring at him in wonder all day, as if our son had been replaced by this new strange person, more kid than toddler. We also couldn't help but remark, that with no hair, he looked more like Ellie than we'd noticed before.

Evan thought it was the coolest, and kept going to the mirror to look and rubbing his pate. Later, he hopped up on the couch and sat on Brett's shoulders, absentmindedly feeling Brett's head too.

It started out peacefully, but pretty soon there was tickling. And then Michael decided to get in on the action.

And then we had a bonafide pile-up.

I don't have pictures of the rest of the melee, because like any good mother, I set down the camera and started showing off some of my best moves.

Don't worry, we already have the therapy fund started.


Bri said...

Love the buzz on Evan! John wants to do that to Adam but I REFUSE! No way, no how, not yet!

Anonymous said...

Evan is a hottie- Love the buzzzzzz... You have a beautiful famuly!!! Thanks for blogging!