Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Better than the dog we never had

I'm starting to think that Ellie was a billy goat in a previous life . Aside from having to be vigilant about removing odd bits from her mouth, she's taken to procuring food on her own too. Last week I came back from the bathroom to hear Evan tell me "I feeding Elles da Belles!". And there she was, happily slurping on the noodles Evan was flinging to the floor with wild abandon.

This morning I had my back turned to make Ellie's breakfast and Evan loudly proclaims "Elles eating the DAMN CRACKERS again!" Who needs applesauce and baby cereal when there are handfuls of these tasty graham crackers just sitting right there in the cabinet?

She gets points for self sufficiency, right?


Kerri said...

That toothy little grin is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say thank you. I hadn't checked in here in a long time, so while eating lunch I thought I'd browse! You and your descriptions of your kid's antics and comments brightened my day and made me LAUGH!

Anonymous said...

I caught E after he had sneaked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, took out the rather full Simply Orange container, unscrewed the top, and drank directly out of the jug. I promise, he's never seen me do that!

Ellie has the brightest smile ever! So sweet...and determined to boot!

Anonymous said...

A couple days ago i was changing Lily's diapers and there were big hunks of crayons in her poop. I remember last year at this time we were talking about how to induce. Now they are almost one, where did the time go. She is going to be a heartbreaker.

Anonymous said...

She has got to be the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. Love the "Who...me?" smile she gives when she realizes she just got busted.