Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A disclaimer, for serious

Despite the crappy Bumfark weather, our fourth was actually pretty great. We had family come up and it was one long blur of eating, laughing, and nipple chewing. Okay, that last one was mostly just Ellie. *Ouch!*

However, before I share these photos I have to tell you that I took none of them. Not a one. In all of the hullabaloo I completely forgot to dig my camera out of the pile of crap on the compy desk. And then I looked over and noticed that Robert was snapping away, capturing every moment as if it were going to be shared on a splog. Ahem.

Anyway, because he's Robert, I got the following email from him yesterday.

HI, Caroline and Curt. Thank you very much for having us over the 4Th.

I had a very fine time. Our trip home was uneventful but we did stop at the Krispy Cream.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Can the boys have an air gun? I would like to send them each one.

2 If you fine some keys with a leather strap, they are mine.

3. You are welcome to use all the photos of the family in anyway you want. As to the the non-family pictures, you can use them for yourselves but make sure you write on them a credit to Bob Clark, all rights reserved. 2008. Please do not give them to anyone. If someone want one or some ask them to contact me-I know, its just a weired artistic thing.

You got a great family and I admired the patience exhibit by all. It is not like that here.

Take care and enjoy

Did I mention that he was still asking me to call him 'Uncle Robert' until I was 22? At any rate, he did take some very pretty pictures of Bumfark in all it's summer-green-glory, but I'll save those for another time. Without further adieu...

Evan was pretty sure that he could do it. Curt helped him hit one and he immediately dissolved into tears.

Conor got the biggest kick out of the go-kart. Right after Robert took this picture, he had to dive to the ground, as Conor, oblivious, tried to run him over. Oh, the perils of photography.

I love this picture, you can see their teen-hood right around the corner. Can I please freeze them right now before they start asking for car keys? Please?

I love that Brett started this little fracas and you can just barely see the top of his baseball cap in the bottom of the pile.

Lucas, preparing for take off.

Right after I saw this picture I sat on Michael and gave him a buzz-cut. Okay, not really, but I want to. Shhh, it will be a surprise.

Just in case you missed it, Emma wants you to know she lost a tooth.

I made the mistake of buying an underwater skateboard and Brett now thinks he is the Big Kahuna.

The man that owns the farm behind us pays mucho dinero for these guys to come and set off the fireworks every July. People from all over Bumfarkia flock to our little area to watch them. This was taken from my backyard, they were set off about 100 yards from us. We honestly have the best seats, and nary a crowd to fight to see them.

Not too shabby for Bumfark, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and...

Dear Robert,

1. The boys may have an air gun only if they are kept at your house. They are available the last two weeks in August to come and visit and play with them, if you'd like.

2. I did not find any keys, however I did find...Conor's cell phone, your lunch cooler, Elizabeth's year book, Elizabeth's shoes, and Conor's towel. Next time leave Tricia, I'll trade you for Evan.

3. Fortunately the market for pirated pictures of the fields of Bumfarkia is at an all time low, but I'll see what I can do about watermarking your photos.



C. Beth said...

GREAT photos...kudos to Robert.

Now off to e-bay to see what I can get for all the prints I'm having made.

Bri said...

Those are some amazing pics! Kids looked like they had a great time!

SciFi Mama said...

Ronnie wants to know where you got the underwater skateboard. He's drooling over here.

Kristi said...

Great pics of your beautiful kiddos! Looks like you all had a good time. So envious you got to see fireworks SO close to home! That's definitely a plus to living in Bumfark, right?