Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brettism Hump Day! Green card not necessary

The planning for Brett and Ellie's birthday party is full swing, and the guest list includes most every family member we have, including geekie brother. Brett has been repeatedly asking for updates on his RSVP, and all of the kids are really excited about the possibility of seeing him, since we don't very often.

"Brett, did you invite Uncle Mathew?" Lucas asks.

"Invite him, I put him on the VIP list!" he replies.

A few days later, after asking again if Mathew will be able to make it, Brett comes up to me while I'm making dinner.

"Mom, what exactly does VIP stand for?"

"It stands for Very Important Person."

"Ohhhhh. I thought it stood for Very Imported Person since we have to import him in from Virginia."

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Trace said...

Ah, kids....they are so literal! Reminds me of my dad's aunt who was positively ANCIENT when we were little. We swore her name was Gray Aunt Mary. It wasn't until years later that we figured out it was GREAT Aunt Mary. Hey, it fit at the time, so we didn't think twice about it!