Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brettism Hump Day! Forever Young

This last weekend the kids were with bio-dad and I got an email from him; because sometimes when you are in the middle of a Brett seize, no one else appreciates it like a fellow hostage.

Brett had been in a mood, deflecting blame and avoiding personal responsibility like only Brett can. That night as they are sitting down to dinner, Michael decides to use Tabasco sauce on his food.

"You know, if you could drink the whole bottle, you'd be a real man." Brett says to his brother.

Bio-dad comments that there is much more to being a man than performing a stupid stunt.

"Like what?" Brett asks.

Well, for one taking care of your responsibilities, owning up when you do something wrong, and not try to blame everyone else." he says, tongue in cheek.

With a straight face, Brett replies "Well, then I'll be a boy forever."


Anonymous said...

I sense Rod Stewart theme around here lately!

Anonymous said...

just blog hopping and thought that was a really funny post. Kids just say the darndest things don't they.