Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brettism Thursday! On Penacillin

Last weekend was the big white water rafting trip, and despite the kids apparent inablity to row in time, the trip went smoothly and everyone enjoyed it. The next day Michelle and her family drove up for lunch before heading back to civilization.

All day Brett had been itching around his face, and when I looked closely I noticed that he had a rash extending down his torso. Ruling out everything else that he'd eaten or come into contact with I figured aloud that it was probably from the funky life vest in the water.

Seeing the spots on his stomach, he starts to get nervous. "What? What do I have?"

Michelle's husband, a prankster in a class by himself, chimes in. "You have the River Clap."

"WHAT? What is that?"

"Ask your teacher about it on Tuesday."

Brett chuckles with the rest of us, and looking slightly confused wanders off. A few days later he comes up to me in the kitchen.

"Mom, seriously, what is River Clap?"

"Brett remember when we had the talk about sex? The Clap is a slang term for a sexually transmitted disease. He was joking."

"Great, no wonder when I asked my teacher she told me she'd tell me next year and walked away laughing."

*This morning Curt remarked that tonight was the NFL's first Thursday night game of the season, and my little brain started tingling with the sensation that I'd forgotten something. Ever since my dear hubs starting working the new, funky schedule, I have even (more) trouble remembering what day it is. I promise to hop out of my fog and start posting more regularly. Pinky swear.

**Also, NFL? It's SEPTEMBER. Give a girl a break, would you?

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