Saturday, October 11, 2008

9 bushels + 13 hours = total blast

Every year Curt's grandparents host Apple Butter Day, and for weeks ahead of time they peel, core, slice, and freeze bushels of apples for the big day. Curt crawled out of bed at 5 to head down to the farm and help start stirring. The kids and I got there a little after 9, and except for a little bit of paddle work, they were a blur for the rest of the day. It's really one of my favorite days of the year, we have a big pot luck, sit around and just enjoy each other, and then jar enough apple butter to feed a county.

Mike and Tucker took a quick turn before venturing off into the wild green yonder.
This was the last I saw of them until they turned up dirty, shoeless, and starving. Ellie fell in love with Marley the puppy. So did Ellie's mommy, who then spent a good portion of the day trying to convince Daddy that Ellie needs one of those under the Christmas tree. Of course he had to counter with things like vacuuming hair, poop patrol, and all of the fun Ellie would have dumping the water bowl on an hourly basis. Scrooge.

I looked up and found Evan like this, nothing says redneck quite like riding a big wheel shirtless. And after 13 hours of stirring, it was finally it was time for the big bottling assembly line.
Brett asked if we could have pancakes again tomorrow and crack open 'some of that sweet fresh butter from apples'. Something tells me we'll need more pancake mix.


Angie said...

That looks like a total blast! How did the brownie pizza turn out? I think I need to make it & blog that recipe.

April said...

How fun! What a great experience for everyone and I love love love apple butter. Jealous.

Mathew Copeland said...

I didn't know Michael was friends with Ron Weasley. Amazing.

The Vinson Five said...

First of all, lmao at your brothers comment. I was sitting here thinking "where do I know that kid from"

Second - I think I will plan my trip to bumfark for apple butter day, lol

C. Beth said...

First, let me give you my address so you can send me some of that sweet butter from apples.... ;)

Actually I think I'm going to make apple butter this a MUCH smaller batch. Came across a recipe the other day for how to make it in the Crock Pot, so I'm going to try it! Looks like such an awesome tradition, love the big pot and everything.