Friday, October 17, 2008


A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a box of old pictures from my childhood and spent a good hour going through them. Strolling down memory lane, remembering people and places. I couldn't help but marvel at how much Ellie looks like me at that age, laughing at all of the bad hair and shag carpeting, and how geekie brother's smile hasn't changed in over 25 years.

Then I started looking a little bit more closely at some of the pictures. And I was struck by just how much times have changed. And that I made it to adulthood in one piece.

What, you didn't have a mega sized box of Marlboro cigarette's to play in??

Forget the bottle or the pillows, what I really used to love to nap with was a nice, accessible power outlet and cord.

Little known fact; most minerals can be attained by directly ingesting them via yard dirt. Bonus points for leaves as fiber.

Clearly this was before Oprah did the special on the dangers of mesh suffocation. And if you look closely you'll see my toes in the chair next to the playpen, either I was standing up there rooting Michael on, or getting ready to do a flying Wallenda on him.

"No, the Pall Mall's please. The Kool's leave too much of a menthol aftertaste."

Sitting on a box of Budweiser, surrounded by cigarette butts. Makes me wonder what's in the cup.

And my favorite, I believe Camel used this for one of their more family friendly ads.

Then on a lark, I started flipping through my digital photo albums.

And think maybe I'd better start fattening up the therapy fund for my six.


C. Beth said...


The kid with very curly hair next to you in the dirt-eating pic? His profile looks like Brett.

Anna said...

Those are great! Makes me want to dig through some old ones!

Anonymous said...

Photoshop out the cigarette in the last picture, and it would be a very pretty picture.

Kate and Crew said...

Is she smoking AND preggo in the last photo there?


Looks like a Carpenters album cover.

Angela said...

I played in cig boxes as well. Hard not to when your grandparents own the country store.

I love those pics. I can see those coming out of our own photo albums. (If they hadn't been destroyed in a hurricane that is.)

Isn't it amazing we survived? People look at me strange when I pick Paige up from daycare & she's covered in dirt. I just tell her it looks like she had a good day. They don't get it. The dirtier she is the more fun I know she had. We were able to be kids in a way they can't be.

doodlebelle said...

Oh. My. God. This is too funny.

gwendomama said...

I just found you and I am so glad I did.