Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping it real

In the interests of full disclosure, I'm posting the kids school pictures from this year. I buy them every year out of a sense of guilt and duty, throw one in my wallet, but mostly I just file them away for future spouses to gawk at. I don't make the kids get all dressed up, there are certainly no bow-ties; but I do make sure they have something clean and decent on, and it's the one day of the year when I require Brett to wear a collared shirt.

This year things went a little differently. One morning a few weeks ago, I get a phone call from Michael in the office at school. He'd forgotten to tell me about school pictures, the order form was on my desk, did I see it?, and could I please run it up to him? I chatted with the secretary a minute to discover that Brett too was having them taken. It wasn't until after I got back home from running the forms up that I even gave what they were wearing a second thought.

And then the pictures came. Michael proudly tells me that he covered up the AC/DC tee-shirt he was wearing that day with his soccer jersey. A marked improvement, surely.

Brett on the other hand was wearing one of his many over-sized, obnoxious tee-shirts with something goofy written on it. This particular one looks like an eye chart and reads "Y DID YOU BOTHER READING THIS SHIRT". Klassy, surely.

And, I'd love to show you Lucas and Emma's pictures, but you see I totally forgot about their picture day and they didn't take any. They both brought home the order forms, I tucked them into my calendar, and that was the last thought I gave it.

2008 - The year mom sucked.


Angie said...

2008- The year Mom tried to juggle 6 kids, Dad's new wacky work schedule & a home remodel. Give the woman a break. She did the best she could.

Now, hang up a blue sheet, make them wear collared shirts, and take your own. I bet they'll be cheaper.

Anna said...

oh crap, just reminded me that the boys have pictures on Tuesday and they're going to need haircuts like right now..........thanks
BTW! Handsome as ever, dressed up or not!

April said...

What Angie said.

Also, do you get spring pictures? That's usually when I buy my kids' school photos because they are remarkably better and I'm almost always to broke to do it in the fall.

Why do they have to do pictures so close to the beginning of the school year when most of us are still trying to recover from school supplies/new clothes/hundreds of pairs of shoes?

C. Beth said...

Wow, Michael looks almost like an adult in that picture--very handsome. How weird is it to you to look at a kid who almost isn't a kid anymore?!

Kate and Crew said...

The pics are great, but the evil forces within are compelling me to take them into Photoshop and put booking numbers below them.

Why do school pics have to look so much like mug shots?


You have some good lookin' kids though. Good thing you've got good genes!

Caroline said...

Anna..good luck with your pics!

Beth, it's honestly surreal, he was Evan's age the last time I blinked. Grew out of his clothes almost that fast, too.

April, I probably should start doing that, at least by spring I've usually found my groove. Usually. ;0)