Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you do it yet, did you?? Hunh, hunh, HUNH????

Judging by what I'm seeing on the news, the voter turnout this year is record breaking. Everywhere that is, except for Bumfark. When Lucas and Emma got off of the bus this afternoon, I loaded them up and headed to our local community building to vote, all 150 square feet of it. In the five minutes it took for us to get out of the car, go in and vote, and then leave, I didn't see a single other voter.

Lucas and Emma got a huge kick out of it anyway, I showed them how the card went into the machine, how mommy pushed the buttons for her choice, and how amazing it was that all across the country millions of people were doing the very same thing to have a voice. It was so cool Lucas felt moved to announce the room at large just who I had picked.

Civics lesson, check. Discretion, FAIL.


Bri said...

I took all 5 kids with me around 3pm to vote and there were only three other voters there. When I drove by at noon there wasnt an empty spot in the parking lot. So I chalk the lull in the crowd up to the time of day. My kids didnt announce who I picked but Jacob did keep asking who I was voting for.

Tiffany said...

LOL about them announcing who you voted for. At least there wasn't anyone else there LOL

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that your fellow Bumfarkians didn't vote the way you did?

If I were a voter, I'd be a scream it from the rooftop kinda gal... with the hopes that I'd influence (or offend) someone else within earshot. LOL