Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of school of the year. Each day this past week the kids would get more and more excited, the promise of 11 school-free days looming ahead. Each day I'd wonder aloud just how much alcohol I could have without getting Elle wasted.

The kids get off of the bus and are sprinting to the house. Lucas is weighed down with a large brown grocery bag, and it is brimming with cookies, candies, and a few small gifts. Brett has a tiny little paper lunch bag, a few candies, and some cookies.

After they stop jumping up and down from the excitement of being paroled, Brett looks down and notices that Lucas has enough crap to feed a third world country.

"You got all that from your party?" He's staring in disbelief.

Luke's cheeks are filled to capacity chipmunk-style rendering him silent, but he nods like a speed addict.

"Man! The only I ever got from first grade was a migraine."

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