Friday, December 28, 2007

The week in pictures.

So, I know it's been a while. And I forgot last week's Brettism Hump Day. And to load the dishwasher. I suck. But I've been thinking about you, I promise.

Christmas was excellent. In Mike's words "This kicked last year's butt!". They're all a bunch of spoiled rotten little beasties, who received obscene amounts of loot. I must admit though, they were awfully, vocally, thankful for it.

And, my little "Eban" turned two today. It's so surreal to me that when they're born you love them so completely, even though they are almost totally devoid of personality. And just how little time it takes for them to become a person. I find myself looking at the kids lately, and not necessarily wanting to rush through their childhoods, but just wanting so badly to see them fully formed so we can hang out together. I just know they're going to be some really cool, unique, and kick-ass adults.

So, here we were this week....hope you enjoy.

And no, I'm not the gorgeous thin one holding Elle. That's Aunt Mary Kate, and she's good stuff. Sitting next to her is Elle's great-grandmother, she's really, really good stuff. My kids are hugely blessed.

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JL said...

Wow. Great pictures, Caroline. Glad you guys had a good one.