Friday, December 14, 2007

The divas. Part deux.

Wow, with all of the excitement yesterday I completely forgot to share...

Yesterday, the kids come home from school and the usual gripes about homework, endless requests for snacks, and general rowdiness commenced. I'm in the kitchen tearing the cabinets apart, looking for some form of caffeine and sucking on a tea bag when I hear him.

Lucas is at the table doing his math assignment, bouncing in his seat, singing under his breath.

"Y, M, C, H....s'fun to play at the Y, M, C, Haaaaccccchhhh!"

I look over and he's got one hand clutching the pencil, the other making the motions that go with the song.

I. just. about. died.

Some mommy-vestigation work reveals that every morning at school they have "Morning Exercise" in an attempt to get the kids to exercise more, and generally be healthier. They blast a song over the loudspeaker after the announcements, the teachers showing the kids the correct movements. Some days they just do jumping jacks. But, yesterday's little ditty was a fab homage to the Village People.

A little while later I followed the joyful sounds of song into Emma's room, where I found them practicing. No amount of bribery however, could convince them to wear the vests again.

P.S. The Morning Exercise program is the brainchild of our pediatrician extraordinaire, in response to the number of kids in our area who are overweight. He rocks.

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