Sunday, December 16, 2007

A nice, normal sized Christmas.

A few pics of our Christmas tree experience this year. I bowed out of the selection/cutting process since Elle was finally, blessedly taking an actual nap.

I was a little scared, as last year we ended up with TREE-ZILLA. Based on the fact that we had very high ceilings in the old house, my dear husband picked a tree that was a good 90 feet tall and just about as wide. It literally took up whole family room , we had to move the furniture out. It was also so farking heavy that it fell over on us 4 times. We'd scurry through the room like mice, terrified of becoming flattened cartoon-style.

So, I said a silent prayer and Curt went with his parents and the middle four. (Mike was busy spraining his ankle at a wrestling meet).

This is why our Christmas cards had no photographs. Can you imagine trying to wrangle two more into this mess?

We have a winner. And a Brett-sicle.

Curt hates the angel. I told him it was on clearance and we're not getting another until she breaks. Note the tender loving care he's taking with her...

The finished project. The kids put on the majority of the ornaments until my control freak brain started to twitch and I wooed them away with the promise of goodies...

All in all, a pretty groovy tree. Amazingly, it's remaining largely un-loved by Evan. Of course, I just put the candy canes on this morning and as soon as one of those older kids clues him in on what those are, it'll all be downhill from there.

Merry Christmas. I hope you all feel as blessed as I do.

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