Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The entrepreneur.

Another chaotic-filled dinner is wrapping up at our house and we're clearing the table. I ask Brett to hand me the butter.

"Here mom, this will make it all butter. Ha, ha HA. I crack myself up!" he says.

"Great Brett, at least one of us is amused"

He grins and tries to sneak out of the room. "Not so fast there skippy. You have a table to wipe and then I need you to, are you listening Brett?"

"Yeah, wipe the table and then...?"

"Go into the garage to the freezer. In the freezer get out a bag of chicken. That's a packet of chicken from the freezer in the garage. Do you copy?"

He laughs "Yeah, I got it. 10-4!"

Curt smirks "Want to put twenty bucks on it?"

"Not a chance, that's a suckers bet!"

A few minutes later, Curt and I are finishing up the dishes as Brett comes striding back into the room.

"Here, I got it. Chicken from the freezer. In the garage." He's smiling triumphantly.

Curt raises one surprised eyebrow and leaves to start the baths. Brett leans into me and asks "Did you really take a bet for twenty bucks on that?"

"No, Brett, I didn't."

"Well next time take it! I'll pay attention again and we can split it!"

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JL said...

I LOVE Brett. He cracks me up all the time and I don't even know the kid! That kid will be a comic! It's a rough life but there's lots of loose chicks.