Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brettism Hump Day goes Hollywood

Brett and Lucas got their school yearbooks yesterday. Characteristically Lucas threw his on the table and then ran outside in search of the perfect rock to trip over so he could rip the other knee out of his pants.

Brett on the other hand, spent all afternoon flipping through the pages, pointing out the kid whose backpack he threw up in, the girl who torments him at the bus stop, and the girl who chases him at recess. Then he proudly opened up the front and back covers to show me all of the signatures he'd accrued.

"Look, I even signed it myself! I was a yearbook signing fool today! I'm all set for when I'm famous and people want my autograph."

I glance down and sure enough he's signed it 'Love always, Brett'.

"Jeez, Brett. You're a legend in your own mind."

He raises one fist in the air Scarlett O'Hara style and proclaims "One day all will know the name Brett! I will be infamous!"

1 comment:

ChriSpenceRachel said...

He already is. Doesn't he read your blog?