Friday, May 16, 2008


We stopped off at Grandma S's yesterday afternoon so Curt could help his dad oversee the installation of the new mower for the tractor. The kids and I wandered inside to visit while Curt and his dad test drove and played with the new toy.

Brett and the kids are in the living room when they notice that Grandpa's dog isn't around. Grandma gently explains that they let Strongheart out one day and he just never came home. Emma starts to look worried, so Curt's mom tries to buffer this by telling her that he probably just decided to go on an adventure.

"Yeah" Brett says, "Don't worry Emma. We'll probably get a post card from him one day. It'll say 'Living happy and healthy in Brazil.' and he'll be sitting there in front of a million dollars, with a bone in his mouth, and two lady dogs at his side."


Carol Beth said...

GREAT post on a day when I needed the laugh! Thanks, Brett & Caroline!

Kristi said...

Love this blog title! Brett's a hoot, as usual! Do the rest of your kids "get" him, or does what he says usually just pass them by?

Caroline said...

Oh, we all "get" Brett. I don't know if it's the same warped genes, or just exposure to the insanity. ;)