Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Compromise, the currency of a successful marriage

I've learned that there are a few situations when Curt's resolve is unflappable, when I know I'm beat.

And try as though I might, I know he's not budging when it comes to his meat-and-potatoes taste buds, and his love of all teams Pittsburgh. I grudgingly gave up any hope of pampering on Mother's Day because the Pens had a Stanley Cup playoff game. Did I mention grudgingly?

Then yesterday the schedule for the Stanley Cup finals came out.

Saturday, May 24
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 8 p.m., VERSUS, CBC

Monday, May 26
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 8 p.m., VERSUS, CBC

Wednesday, May 28
Detroit at Pittsburgh, 8 p.m., NBC, CBC

Saturday, May 31
Detroit at Pittsburgh, 8 p.m., NBC, CBC

Monday, June 2
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 8 p.m., NBC, CBC, if necessary

Wednesday, June 4
Detroit at Pittsburgh, 8 p.m., NBC, CBC, if necessary

Saturday, June 7
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 8 p.m., NBC, CBC, if necessary

And when I looked at it I realized that not only were they playing on Emma's birthday, but on our anniversary as well. I didn't so much sweat Em's birthday as all of his hockey-watching family will be here for the party anyway. And with all of her friends, Emma won't care a bit that everyone with testicles disappeared inside.

But our anniversary?? And coming on the heels of the worst Mother's Day evar, I got a little cranky. Not that I expect the full court press, I mean it's a Wednesday. But frankly, the idea of a repeat of the "SCOOOORE" deafness that occurred on Mother's Day made me feel less than warm and fuzzy.

Since I'd already talked him into a nice meal at a Japanese sushi/Benihana-style restaurant out the following weekend, a plan formed, and I turned to him in bed.

"So, let me get this straight. Not only did you spend Mother's Day watching hockey, but now Emma's birthday and our anniversary too?"

"Well maybe they'll sweep them in four games and won't need to play the one on the fourth?" he looks sheepish.

"Riiiight. And if they don't?"

He becomes very interested in the thread count of our sheets. "Ummm."

"All right. I'll make you a deal. If we have to watch hockey on our anniversary, you have to eat a piece of sushi. Without making faces and gagging. You have to take it like a man."

"Just one piece? I don't like, have to have a whole dinner of it, do I?"

"Nope. Just one piece of my choosing."

"Deal." he leans in for a goodnight kiss. "I love you, thank you."

Think tomorrow I can talk him into trying some baba ganouj?


Carol Beth said...

Seriously, what idiot scheduled a big hockey game on Mother's Day, anyway?! Bad enough that they didn't check with you regarding birthdays & anniversaries (I mean, come on, NHL!), but a holiday on every single American calendar? Geez.

Hmm...one piece of sushi? I think you have room to squeeze in something else, maybe a massage?

Jonah Lisa said...

Good trade.

I always thought BJs were the currency of marriage.