Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clearly I cannot drink the wine in front of you

"Hey mom, what's your middle name?" Brett asks.

"Ellen, just like Ellie's name." I reply

"Her name is Ellen?? Wow, I didn't know that. And I always thought your middle name was Ethan."

"Why on earth would it be Ethan?"

"Why would it be Ellen?"


I'm standing in the kitchen as the kids start to eat breakfast. As usual, they chatter the whole time. Brett's explaining to Emma that Mother's Day is not until Sunday and then I hear Emma continue on in her talking. All of the sudden Brett jumps up, indignant.

"Em-ma, you just freaking told mom what we were getting her!"

"It's okay Brett, I honestly didn't hear her." I reply.

"Yeah, right. How could you not hear Emma?"

1 comment:

Hattie9 said...

Ethan (!), That Brett of yours is..well, the words escape me.

I laugh out loud every time I read his latest 'ism' and each time wonder how you can possibly contain yourself!!! He's such a scream.