Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anarchy in the Bumfarkia

Just a typical night in our house. The menfolk are in the living room, sipping espressos, and discussing the works of Nietzsche's middle period.

Errrr, I mean they were all slouched on the couch like frat boys after a kegger, playing Guitar Hero 3.

Curt selects a song to play and calls to me from across the room.

"Hey hon. Who sings this?" His other favorite game is called 'Stump the spouse'.

"Um, I dunno."

"The Sex Pistols!"

I don't even get a chance to reply before Brett pipes up with "Oh My God, TMI Curt!"

"Brett, it's the name of the band."

"Yeah well, still. I mean, U C P!"

"Hunh?" both Curt and I are confused.

"Underage Children Present! And this underage child does not need to hear about your sex pistol life!"


ChriSpenceRachel said...

So funny!!! Thanks for keeping this going!

The Vinson Five said...

Secret agent Brett is too funny!!

Becky said...

I put you on my "Blogs I Read" list on my own blog - I hope you don't mind! You keep me laughing, and your blog is now one of my daily reads.