Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tooth fairy detail

Breaking news at our house!

That's right, we're all geeked up and prepared for a visit from the most elusive figures in all of childhood mythology ... the Easter bunny.

Okay, fine. I'll don my strap-on fairy wings and find my glittered scepter. Just don't tell Curt. No need in scarring the children, walking in to find Daddy making out with a chick holding a stack of dollars.

Anyway, Lucas jumped up from his morning bowl of oatmeal like he'd won a free puppy. "My tooth! My tooth! MY TOOTH!" He sprinted across the room to show it to me and then promptly went to find Brett; who in turn told him to keep an eye out for the blood that would likely begin spurting out of the gummy hole.

Thanks Brett.

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