Friday, January 18, 2008

There isn't a classroom small enough

Some of my best talks with Brett are after dinner when we're cleaning up. Usually Mike's hiding from chores, Curt's bathing the youngers and it's just Brett and I in the kitchen.

"Mom, why am I in a Special Ed class?"

Brett has an IEP for his ADHD. He's hella smart, but gets overwhelmed and distracted in the large classroom setting. A few subjects he's gets pulled and taken to the Special Ed class. He still does the regular grade work, just in a much less carnival like environment.

"Because of the ADHD. Don't you think it helps you do better work to have a more quiet place to work?"

"I guess. But still, so what if I have the attention span of a chipmunk? It never bothered me.", he grins.

Evan interrupts, running through the room nekkid and freshly bathed. Curt chasing him with a diaper and pajamas. Brett watches them go and turns back to me.

"What were we talking about again?"


Angie said...

That so reminds me of T-shirt I bought my nephew a year or so ago:
"They say I have ADD, They just don't understand... Oh look! A Chicken!" I'll have to find a link and send it to you.

Angie- 1CharmedGirl

Hattie9 said...

That kid is the best thing ever!!!