Saturday, February 16, 2008

At the Bunny Ranch

The other night I snuck out of the house after Elle was asleep to do a little birthday shopping for Curt. I often take an older kid with me when I run errands like this, just to get some good one on one time with them. This time it was Brett's turn.

Curt had his eye on an air compressor for his garage since before Christmas. We headed up to the Tractor Supply Company, which is kind a neat store. They sell farm implements and supplies, clothing, and even some cool toys. If you catch them at just the right time, sometimes they have cute fuzzy things too.

We walked in and wandered around to find someone to help us. Before the sales lady takes me to find and decipher what it is that Curt wanted, (did I mention that I grew up in the city?) she points Brett off in the direction of the adorable dwarf rabbits they had just gotten in stock.

A few minutes later, I've made my decision in compressor land and call for Brett. He comes up, predictably a little love stricken.

"Mom. Can we pleeeease have a bunny? Did you see them? They were so cute!"

"Yes, I saw them, and they are very sweet, but we have six kids, we don't need pets too."

"But we could really use a rabbit mom! All we have at home are dust bunnies!"

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like something that would come out my dd's mouth. Gotta love smart kids :o).