Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brettism Hump Day! Early morning unfiltered goodness!

I love Brett first thing in the morning. Like a light switch, he's either on or off. Sometimes, he wakes up foul and the only thing emanating from him are grunts. Or, he wakes up smiling and witty, serving up one liners for breakfast. This week, we've been blessed with most of the latter. So, grab your coffee and enjoy a small sampler of Brettisms.


Wandering upstairs in his hat, tee shirt, shoes, and underwear. He scampers into the laundry room to look for favorite pants. I had to comment. "Wow, Brett I love that ensemble!"

"Do you like it?" he models, "I was going to go to school like this, but I didn't want all of the other kids to be jealous."


Yesterday morning he walks up with his report on Asthma, freshly glued on poster board.

"Will you take a picture of me with my report mom?"

"Surely." I snap a few pics and then notice what's on the poster. "Brett, is that a LOLCat on your report?" Sure enough there's a print-out of a cat sitting with an inhaler and it reads "I has teh azmah".

"Yeah. The teacher told me there was nothing funny about asthma." he pauses, very serious. "I love it when I can prove a teacher wrong."


I'm sitting at the computer, hiding, slurping my tea when Brett appears at my side. I'm staring at him expectantly when he says in his best announcer voice, "This has been a random Brett moment. Please resume your regularly schedule day."

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Anonymous said...

Okay I just peed myself reading the one about the cat! How freakin funny is that!!! Love the blog!!