Friday, June 20, 2008

This post is long overdue

My husband and children now think I am a culinary genius, and if I were a slightly less scrupulous woman, I'd take all of the credit for it, but alas...damn conscience.

It all started when I requested help making ribs that didn't, well, suck. A very cool Angie and her hubs, Chef Elvis sent some rib rub and a container of something magical, called Elvis mojo.

These two items arrived in an ordinary looking cardboard box, but were wrapped in a large piece of butcher's paper, which were covered in instructions to make the ribs. Clearly Chef Elvis knows his audience.

I've yet to make the ribs, because I'm saving this secret weapon for the fourth of July. Behold! A night of fireworks and explosively tasty ribs! (I'll keep you posted)

But the mojo, oh, the mojo. I honestly have no idea what is in this mixture, it could be ground up beetles and frogs feet and I wouldn't care.

The first time I used this stuff, I added it to ground beef and made hamburgers. Now, trying something new here is always akin to playing Russian Roulette; you just never know when it's going to blow up in your face.

So, I held my breath and served them up. I tried not to appear anxious, peering up from my plate, watching Curt take a bite.

"Honey, what's in these burgers?" he asked. Crap. Doom. Any time he notices I've done something differently, it's always followed by skepticism and usually a half eaten meal. The man hates change.

"Um, a little of some stuff." I replied feebly. "Why?"

"Because I don't know what you did, but do it again, this is a seriously good burger!"

And that was just the beginning! I sprinkle it on chicken, pork, even fish, and it all SINGS. It's glorious, it's like fabulous for dummies! I meant to take pics of some of the finished products, and post them PW-style, but I'd get so wrapped up and excited that I kept eating the props.

So, I'm coming clean. My name is Caroline and I am a mojo addict.


SciFi Mama said...

I can promise no ground up beetles. We can deliver more too, just let me know. Oh, and if you want a kick ass burger recipe I can send you one of those too! :) I call them meatloaf burgers, but that's a whole other topic.

Kristi said...

Mmmmmmm....I need me some of that Mojo!! :) Angie and her hubs should consider packaging and selling it. I don't even care for hamburgers, but your enthusiasm for them with the Mojo in it is making my mouth water! SLURP!

C. Beth said...

Angie, have I ever mentioned you're my best friend in the whole world?

Now send me some of that mojo! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I need some mojo pronto! :)

SciFi Mama said...

Chef Elvis says:

Wow, you bestow to much enthusiasm on me. I just like to cook food. I am happy to share anything food wise that you would like. Thank you for your complements. I would love to send anyone a sample of my MOJO, just send us an address. All I ask is to just send it forward.

Chef Elvis Toncery

Anonymous said...

Oh Caroline, so cool! Angie and Chef Elvis you must share :)