Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The cards.

Today we were all presented with these lovely cards, handmade by Brett. He took some heavy paper, cut it in half, drew a Christmas-y picture on the front and wrote a sweet, albeit, slightly off-center message on the back.

Curt's had an igloo on the front and a message on the back that read "This is why you keep the fire going. From Brett" Clearly the fact that my husband feels compelled to either stock or check on our wood burner every minute he is home has left a bit of an impression. (Love you honey!)

Mine had a snowman on the front and the message on the back warned me not to get frost bite. I'm guessing the inspiration for this one was either the fact that I'm always cold, or because I'm giving Frosty a run for his money in the girth department. Actually, the resemblance was a bit uncanny.

Then he presents Michael with his. Let me just say that Mike and Brett have a complicated, but loving relationship. One that improved greatly when we bought the new house and they no longer had to share a bedroom. Or so I thought.

In case you can't read his serial-killer handwriting, it reads: This little guy's saying he wants to be a therapist, because you've got problems!

Well, one of them will be getting therapy. But I'm not naming names.


Anonymous said...

OMG Caroline, that was too cute and too funny!!!

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