Monday, December 31, 2007


I don't think I've done New Year's resolutions since I had Hello Kitty underwear, but I'm feeling really off kilter lately and thought some goals might help. So, in 2008 I resolve to...

  • Not get pregnant. Now, Curt's last check came back with no swimmers, but this my body we're talking about people. I probably have a MacGyver egg in there trying to figure out how to fix Curt's vas deferens with a rubber band and a ball point pen.
  • Loose a few pounds. Just a few. Just enough, so that when we do the thing that causes the babies I don't feel like the fat kid on the moon bounce.
  • Not yell so much. Lord knows it's hard when I wander into the bathroom to find toothpaste smeared on the floor, Evan's toys floating in the toilet, and then come back to find his wet fingerprints on my breakfast, but I'm going to try. Or, scream into my pillow more often.
  • Nurse Elle all year. Mostly I love it, but there are days when I feel like walking around with a bell attached to my neck moo'ing, and I want to throw in the towel. So, I just need to focus on how wonderfully good for her it is. And, at $17 a can for formula, how destitute we'd be if I stopped.
  • Not get pregnant.
  • Take better advantage of my time with Mike. He's not around as much with wrestling, football, baseball, and obnoxious teen lessons. Lately, it feels like the only time I see him is when I'm driving him to and fro, and I find myself wanting to break the silence by blurting out things like "Drugs are bad. Mmmmmmkay!".
  • Find new ways to become greener. This year we started slowly by recycling, buying organic veggies, using cloth diapers, and making homemade green cleaner. I need to find a green butcher. Or, buy a damn cow and teach the kids how to care for it.
  • Say thank you to Curt more often. He seriously works his (very cute) ass off 7 days a week, and I really do appreciate it. But, it seems that we get into these terrible cycles where I forget to express it, and then he takes for granted the cooking, cleaning, loving, child-rearing, and dehydrating I do, and then we both start feeling used and pissy. So, must be appreciative more often. Even horizontally.


Anonymous said...

You can come to Wyoming and i can make my Fil sell you one of his cows.:)

Caroline said...

Sweet! I already have the bell, so I'm all set! :)