Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A couple of things....

I read a great book. I picked it up thinking it would be a nice little take-it-to-the-doctors-office-with-you-and- read-it-while-you-wait kind of book. I was wrong.

It demanded concentration, the way that really good reads do. Every night I'd pick it up (usually staying up way past bedtime) to read a few more pages. It would knock me down with it's cadence, it's brutality. I'd have to spend the whole next day thinking about it and gathering myself before picking it back up.
The Gathering by Anne Enright

And I'm possibly the last person in the free world to have discovered this, but is officially the coolest place on earth. I've mentally spent untolds amount of dough on this website. I've re-decorated my bedroom, I've hung pictures in my sorely lacking dining room, I've found adorable little baby doll diapers, and sweet baby leg warmers. All handmade. All farking brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

I to have just found and just love it. I have wasted a good amount of time on that site. Your son just cracks me up. I still laugh about him drawing on the dolls.