Monday, December 3, 2007

The talker.

Evan is a talker. I mean, at the tender age of 23 months, he carries on conversations. You can practically see the little wheels in his head turning, the mouth always follows.

~Today as I was sitting on the couch nursing Elle he comes scampering in from the kitchen clutching the chip clip off of the bag of Sun Chips Mike left out.

"Maaa-ee! I pinch ewe!" He grins gleefully. Apparently, the perfect time to torment Mommy is when the baby's stomach is on E.

"Evan, put that back. You're not allowed to pinch people"

"Why not?", he asks. I almost said it in unison with him, it's his favorite phrase lately. And he really wants to know, it's not just a rote response.

"Because it would hurt Mommy, that's why.", I explain. I'm all ready to chase him, again, Elle dangling from me like a giant Christmas ornament.

He stops to consider my response. He looks at the clip. He looks at his hands. "Oh. Okay." He nods and puts the clip on the table, squeals Emma's name and trucks down the hall to find her.

I'd love to think that this reasonable phase will last, but having raised a few before him, I'm not holding my breath.

~Yesterday, Curt's mom and dad stop by. This always whips the kids up into a frenzy, especially Evan, who has correctly surmised that there is no request too outrageous when Granny's here. He especially loves it when they're both here, playing one off of the other to see which will garner him the most affection. He's clever that way, my boy.

Soon, the visit is over and they're saying their goodbyes. It used to be that they would sneak out the door, but he's so upset when he realizes that they've just left him that now we let him say goodbye, watch them go, and then comfort him during his brief heartbreak.

This time he was really devastated, he looked at them if to say "But we were having such fun. And I was being utterly adorable!"

Instead, he tries to take Jeanne's shoes from her. "No shoes on Gaan-ee. Put them down!" When this doesn't work, he gets desperate.

"No both go! No both go!" Wait, he knows the word both? Surely, he can't understand what he's saying.

"Evan" I ask him "Who should stay?"

He doesn't miss a beat. "Gaan-ee stay here. Pa-Pa go."

I'm pretty sure he needs to be president. He already makes more sense than that guy we already have.

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