Thursday, December 20, 2007

Forgetful Jones explains it all.

Emma gets off the bus every day at 11:30, abandons her coat and shoes by kicking them across the laundry room diva-style, and then heads straight to the table for lunch. The whole time her mouth is running. If you need to dirt on the Bumfark Elementary Kindergarten, I'm all kinds of in the loop.

"And then Nathan got in trouble and almost got a yellow ticket, and Tristan got a red ticket" she says sitting down to eat.

"And what color ticket did you get today Em?" I ask.

"Green. But I almost got yellow." She doesn't even look apologetic.

"Why did you almost get a yellow?"

"I forget" she shrugs and then continues to try to stab her juice box with the straw. I'm finding it slightly ironic that she remembers the transgressions of every other member of the goof troop, but not her own.

"Oh yeaaah. I forgot to listen when she told me to do the paper that I forgot."

"Oye, Emma, oye."

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