Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brettism Hump Day, MIA!

I looked up this week and it was Thursday. As in, the day after Wednesday. And I hadn't blogged anything.

Truthfully, I couldn't think of one funny thing that he'd said or done all week. And then I realized why.

He'd been missing in action most of the week. A Brett blur. And in the most wonderful way.

When we bought this house the previous owners had a, um, minimalist? approach to landscaping. The slope around the pool was filled with big, giant rocks. No plants. No shrubbery. Nothing remotely pleasing to the eyes. Just rocks. It felt like swimming in a farking quarry.

Anyway, we've been clearing them out all week to get it ready to plant something (anything!) over there. And, Brett has been amazing in helping. Every day after school he's been going out and helping Curt load up the truck to take them over to his cousin's. Yesterday he came home and went out before he was even asked.

Apparently, manual labor takes all of the -ism out of Brett. So until he comes to his senses and realizes that this manual labor thing sucks, I give you another archived goodie from Brett....

I am standing in the kitchen trying to fake a cobbler for the family reunion. I'm a little distracted as kids scamper in and out. Brett walks up and says.....

"Mom, what's a stripper mall?"

"What?" I reply

"A stripper mall" says Brett, more clearly this time.

It takes me a second, but I think I've got it.

"You mean, a strip mall?"

"Yeah, they just said it on TV" he replies

I explain what a strip mall is.

"Oh" he says. "I thought it would be much more interesting".


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