Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Curt came home early yesterday and had some work to finish up outside. I cautiously wandered out into the garage with Elle to say hello, and had stood there for a whole 3 minutes before it hit me.

It was no longer freezing cold! The tip of my nose wasn't numb! It was almost (gasp) Spring-like! I grabbed the babies, told Emma to suit up and we went for a walk around our neighborhood.

Curt made me grab the camera to commemorate the occasion. Not because it was the first real outing of the year, but because I was using the double stroller. The stroller I spent weeks obsessing over and comparing to every other double stroller in all of civilization. The stroller I HAD TO HAVE before Elle was born because
how else am I ever going to go anywhere with two babies???

This would be the stroller's third voyage since August.

Emma, being Emma decided that it was a big scary walk, and she'd better wear her helmet. That girlfriend is all about the accessories.

This is the calmest Elle's been in weeks. I think we'll be spending a lot of time outside this year.

At one point Emma came running up in the full throes of a tantrum. Girlfriend is all about the accessories and the drama.

I'm still not sure what she was so upset about, maybe Brett told her she'd have helmet head for the rest of the day. Or maybe she just wanted me to have a nice stash of pictures of moments like these.

You know, for when she has a daughter.


Anonymous said...

OMG- that picture of Elle, gorgeous!! Definitely having stroller envy- my double stroller has seen better days!

Special K said...

Oh that is hilarious! I love that Emma tantrum...I am glimpsing into my Sylvie's future. She is SUCH the drama queen! And Ellie gets cuter every day!!!!

I love that your husband finds humor in your obsession with the double stroller and where were all your mall trips to the kiddie play area requiring a double stroller? Oh wait...maybe a pony ride at the copy shop is more like it....:)